The sweet temptation trail

The Sweet Hut Tour will double your hiking-pleasure

Culinary specialties on the alpine meadows


When hiking through the alpine meadows in South Tyrol / Trentino, the focus is on pleasure. The countless hiking trails of the Latemarium are just as suitable for families as for ambitious hikers. While enjoying the breathtaking vistas along the panorama trails and occasionally stopping at the instructional stations (where you can discover interesting facts about the flora and fauna, history and legends of the region), there's still always time for a refreshing stop at one of the cozy alpine huts which dot the Dolomites.

Under the motto of "The Sweet Hut Tour," the gourmets and gourmands among our visitors are guaranteed a superlative culinary experience. Eight alpine huts and refuges offer a variety of traditional desserts which are sure to tempt your palate! What better way to interrupt a long hike through the meadows or make a pause during a pleasant stroll? Local specialties like dumplings, pastries, "Kaiserschmarrn" – these mouth-watering morsels of the Sweet Hut Tour will double your hiking-pleasure.

Additional specialties at the huts in South Tyrol / Trentino: 

But the alpine meadows of South Tyrol / Trentino attract not only pastry-lovers! On every hiking trail throughout the Latemarium, you'll find plenty of refreshment stations and alpine huts serving up delicious traditional South Tyrolean cuisine. Among the specialties, you'll find: Goulash with dumpling, Omelets
Polenta (cornmeal porridge) with mushrooms, Fritters, Bacon, Sausage, Cheese, South Tyrolean wines, ...


Omelette with red cranberries

Tel. +39 0471 618 299


Latemarium ice cream dish

Tel. +39 0471 618 241


South Tyrolean apple pie and homemade cakes

Tel. +39 333 6234 245


South Tyrolean poppyseed and jelly-filled pastry

Tel. +39 0462 813 600



Symphony of strudel – 4 different kinds of strudel

Tel. +39 347 9919 582


Dolce Baita – Dessert variation

Tel. +39 0462 503 110


"Kaiserschmarrn" (sweet dish of pancake slices and raisins)

Tel. +39 348 7031 412



South Tyrolean apricot and plum dumplings

Tel. +39 0462 814 600






You will be given a stamp for every

dessert consumed in the huts.

Collect three stamps,

complete the card and you will

receive a pleasant surprise at the huts.