Get back on the path. slow down, breathe, refocus
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Get back on the path. slow down, breathe, refocus

Mindful.Latemar is the first immersive Mindfulness trail in the Alps. Mindful.Latemar is located in Obereggen along the circular trail on the Golfrion mountain at the foot of the Dolomites at an altitude of 1872 metres. The trail includes 18 Mindfulness exercises in a special place that is meant to be an example of rebirth and resilience after it was hit by storm Vaia in November 2018.
Mindfulness is the ability to be present and aware of the present moment. 
Mindful.Latemar is a place of wellbeing full of meaning and emotions, where everyone can find themselves and “re-centre” themselves by promoting their own psychophysiological wellbeing. The course was conceived by Wellbeing Psychologist and Mindfulness Instructor Dr Thomas Bernagozzi. Through experiential learning and meditation techniques, it will be possible to learn how to retrain one's attention and create a moment of care and wellbeing for oneself and those around us. The novelty of this project is that it can also be done independently after installing the free app.

Dr. Thomas Bernagozzi

A wellbeing psychologist and Mindfulness certified coach.

He has long provided seminars and trainings to advance both indoor and outdoor psychological “well-being”.
He has spoken on the subjects of environmental psychology and wellbeing at numerous national and international conferences. Founder of Benexthere, a network of psychologists working across disciplines who are all interested in mental health. He uses the Wellbeing-Environment method developed via academic research to create individualized and inclusive environments for businesses 
and individuals.

Dr. Bernagozzi accompanies you every Friday:

from 13.30 until 15.30 Uhr (in german)
from 15.45 until 17.45 Uhr (in italian)

  • meeting spot: valley station cable car "Obereggen-Ochsenweide"
  • price: 30,00 Euro including transport with the cable car
  • book online: Val d'Ega Turismo (max. 10 people)

Du kannst Freitags nicht?

Contact Dr. Bernagozzi, he may be able to accompany you individually on another day.

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So what are you waiting for?  
Get on the path and be mindful!

Dr. Thomas Bernagozzi, Wellbeing psychologist and Mindfulness certified coach

Get the app!

The free Mindful.Latemar app is available for iOS and Android.

Scan QR code here to get the free app:


  1. Open the built-in camera on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Point the camera at the QR code.
  3. Tap the banner displayed on the smartphone or tablet.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Click here if you can't scan the QR code


from Obereggen

Mindful.Latemar can be reached by taking the Ochsenweide cable car from Obereggen. 

from Pampeago

Mindful.Latemar can be reached by taking the cable car Predazzo-Gardonè and chairlift from Gardonè to Passo Feudo continuing on foot for about an hour along the Latemar.ium trails.

from Predazzo

Alternatively, it can be reached from Pampeago by taking the chair lift Pampeago-Latemar and continuing on foot for about an hour along the Latemar.ium trails.

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