district heating plant green energy | © Ph. Fotony
district heating plant green energy | © Ph. Fotony
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A sustainable Obereggen

Where nature is truly valued

A landscape like Obereggen’s is made to be appreciated, and the breathtaking Dolomite mountains, vast meadows and thick forests attract visitors to this area all year round. To make sure that the natural world does not suffer as a consequence, we began to implement proactive environmental protection measures some time ago. 


Ever since 2004, an internationally-recognised ISO 14001 environmental management system has been operative in Obereggen and, since 2007, the entire village of Obereggen has been heated with renewable energy from the area’s own wood-chip fuelled district heating system. When building this heating system, great care was taken to minimise emissions; this sustainable system saves a total of 500,000 litres of oil every year in Obereggen – and with it, the need for environmentally-harmful transportation. Lift facilities, mountain and valley stations, accommodation providers – all are powered by eco-friendly hydropower. A sophisticated network of skiing and hiking buses all the way to the valley stations of the Obereggen ski resort provide convenient connections to the public transport of South Tyrol, so that visitors to the area can leave their cars in the garage, while all those who want to head up to the mountain heights can do so all year-round with the cable cars and lift facilities. The Oberholz mountain hut, directly accessible from the chairlift, is even heated with geothermal energy. And, on a final note, the winter slopes are groomed using methods that provide maximum protection for the soil and meadows. All these measures, small though they may be, combine to make Obereggen an outstandingly sustainable hiking and skiing area – so that you can enjoy all the wonders of nature with a clear conscience! 

architecture view winter mountains | © Ph. Mads Mogensen

GSTC certification for the Eggental valley

The highest sustainability certification in the tourism industry

The natural world around Obereggen is impressive - and it should stay that way. That is why people have been committed to protecting this unique landscape here and throughout the Eggental for decades.

The international award is an important step in making the Eggental valley fit for the future. This is our long-term goal: an Eggental whose integrity will be preserved for a long time to come for the people and animals who live here and for all those who visit us for their vacation.

GSTC certification for the Eggental valley

GSTC = Global Sustainable Tourism Counci
Sustainable management - Socio-economic sustainability - Cultural sustainability - Environmentally related sustainability



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