Carving in front of the Alpine hut Oberhholz | © Ph. P.Codeluppi
Skier in action in front of the Oberholz hut | © Ph. P.Codeluppi
Air picture of the slopes Latemar | © Ph. Tappeiner
Air picture of the slopes | © Ph. Tappeiner
6 seater chair lift in the middle of snow | © Ph. R.Brazzoduro
chair lift on top of the Latemar | © Ph. R.Brazzoduro
Couple skiing in front of the Dolomites | © Ph. H.Wiesthaler
Skiinig in front of the Dolomites | © Ph. H.Wiesthaler
nice view from the slopes to the Austrian boarder | © Ph. T.Ondertoller
nice view snow alps austrian swiss | © Ph. T.Ondertoller
Enrosadira  Wood Eye Unesco | © Ph. G.Pichler
Wood Eye Latemar Summer | © Ph. G.Pichler
Girl playing music with cow bells | © Ph. G.Pichler
Girl playing with bells mountains | © Ph. G.Pichler
Latemarium people using monocle to see Dolomites | © Ph. G.Pichler
People looking throw monocles Dolomites | © Ph. G.Pichler
Die Bergbahnen im Wander- und Skigebiet Obereggen
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Flying green, flying high

Lift facilities in the Obereggen hiking and skiing area

Racking up your elevation doesn’t always have to mean an arduous ascent – you can just as easily wing your way up to the heights! The lift facilities of Obereggen will whisk you up to a variety of altitudes in both the summer and winter months – leaving you to enjoy the breathtaking mountain landscape in ease and comfort. 


The Latemar hiking and skiing area boasts a grand total of 18 lifts, all ready and waiting to transport you from the valleys up to the mountain station, where you step off and into a hiking and winter wonderland of spellbinding beauty. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll to a mountain hut to savour a spot of traditional South Tyrolean cuisine or explore the forests and meadows; whether you have come to Obereggen to hike or to ski – travelling by ski lift is an adventure in itself. After all, it’s not every day that you get to soar on high above the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites! Another bonus? More travel by lift means fewer cars – and that’s precisely what we want for our natural world.

Mountain station winter Latemar  | © Ph. Thomas Ondertoller
Dolomites Skiresort Obereggen 
Welcome to a Land of Winter Action!
© Ph. Helmuth Rier
The realm of adventure Latemarium
An adventure-packed network of hiking trails
man woman view mountains nature summer | © Ph. Helmut Rier
Sustainability in Obereggen
The priceless nature of the Dolomites
© Ph. Helmuth Rier
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