man woman mountains summer hiking | © Ph. Helmuth Rier
man woman mountains summer hiking | © Ph. Helmuth Rier
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A tour of the Latemar massif

Up into the high mountains of the Eggental Dolomites

Surrounded by steep, rugged rocks, with the tree line a long way below – and views that are quite simply breathtaking! That’s what it feels like to be out and about in the high mountains of the Dolomites: a mountain tour to the Latemar hut is an absolute must for enthusiastic and experienced hikers in Obereggen. 


The route begins at the chairlift that soars up from the Obereggen valley station to the Oberholz mountain hut; once you get there, hike on through flower-blanketed grassy meadows and up via one or two rope-secured passages to a spot affectionately known as the “Gamsstall”, the “chamois stable” – a hollow surrounded by towering rocks and spires, and a popular spot for the local chamois. A little higher up, between the Eggental Horn and the Valsorda, the “Gamsstallscharte”, the “chamois gap”, has carved its way into the dolomite rock and boasts incredible views: in one direction towards the landscape of the Fleimstal valley, in the other towards the southern slopes of the eastern Latemar massif. There are so many mountain peaks soaring into the skies here – maybe you’ll recognise some of them! A high-altitude trail then continues along the southern side of the Latemar to the Valsorda basin, with spectacular views of none other than the Leaning Tower of Pisa – yes, that’s really its name! Its rocky spire slopes slightly as it towers into the skies, so it was promptly christened the “Torre di Pisa”. After this point, it’s time for the ascent to the Cavignon peak, 2,700 metres high, to arrive at your destination: the only mountain hut on the Latemar, known variously as the Latemar or Pisa Hut. Time for a bite to eat!


The descent leads over the western slopes. If you want, you can take a short but steep detour up to the Valbona summit. The path then leads over the slightly undulating grassy slopes so typical of this area, accompanied all the way by the dolomite cliffs of the Latemar and stunning views all the way down to the Mayrl Alm, then finally through the fairytale Latemar forest and back to the Oberholz mountain station. 


This tour takes around 4-5 hours and can be accomplished by experienced mountain climbers without any great difficulty – and is an absolute must if you want to get to know the mighty Latemar range up close and personal!

man mountains view summer hiking | © Ph. Hemuth Rier
© Ph. Helmuth Rier
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