night starry sky mountains nature | © Ph. Helmuth Rier
night starry sky mountains nature | © Ph. Helmuth Rier
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ISO 14001 environmental management system

Sustainability in the Dolomite hiking and skiing area of Obereggen

Ever since 2004, an environmental management system certified to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard has been operative in Obereggen. Introduced by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) in 1996, this standard defines best-practice requirements that will help a company or organisation to improve its environmental performance, achieve its environmental goals and comply with its legal obligations. The key factors involved in pursuing this objective are the planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of environmental targets and of all measures that will contribute to achieving this. 


Obereggen received ISO 14001 environmental management certification in 2004, thus joining the ranks of approximately 300,000 companies worldwide that have been so certified. Soft mobility has been a priority in this area for a good number of years – using buses or trains instead of cars – and, since 2017, sustainability has reached new levels thanks to our own biomass-powered district heating system and geothermal energy. Our electricity too is sourced locally: it is eco-friendly hydropower

© Ph. Helmuth Rier
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