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The Latemar World Heritage Site promises unforgettable adventures and a one-of-a-kind nature experience. In summer 2023, Obereggen's new adventure programme will feature along three different paths the Magical Tales of the Dolomites, the Storm Vaia and thrilling poacher legends. Various installations, booklets, maps, audio games and an app will help children aged 6 to 14 solve difficult puzzles and tasks in analog and digital formats. The entire family can actively participate in the adventures and earn valuable points that will help with specific reforestation of the woods.

These stories can now be experienced:

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  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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The new adventure Booklets:

Get your adventure booklet at the ticket office in Obereggen or in the Alpine hut Oberholz


Vaia’s Wrath

Audio game hike: about 2 hours, 2.5 km (trail nr. 9, LATEMAR.ALP) 

Last night, hurricane Vaia roared through the Latemar region, leaving behind a landscape of devastation. Pale and sleepy, Toni turns off the radio. Your family is currently spending the fall vacations on Toni’s parents’ farm, the Jörgelhof. You are just sitting with a cup of tea when Toni’s sister Klara storms into the parlor - her beloved calf Peppi is gone! You quickly gather the most important equipment and set off in search for the lost animal – through the completely devastated forest landscape. Fallen trees, raging streams – many dangerous and tricky situation are awaiting you and you must master them.

LATEMAR.ALP, trail nr. 9
Degree of difficulty: simple.  9.1 km trail. approx. 300 m of height differential, duration: about 3.5 hours; 
This hike will take you across alpine meadows and will teach you about alpine pasture farming and the Dolomites.
Audio game hike "Vaia’s Wrath": about 2 hours, 2,5 km 

Storytelling and gamification increase the enjoyment and motivation to learn and impart knowledge.

On the Poacher’s Trail

Audio game hike: 2 hours, 1.3 km (trail nr. 23, LATEMAR.NATURA)

It’s 5:30 am. At the crack of dawn, Klara and Toni left the Jörglhof with you. ​​ They want to take advantage of the breaking dawn to introduce you to the diverse wildlife of their home, Latemar. Suddenly, the forest’s silence is disturbed by a loud bang – a gunshot! Startled you stop … trampling, branches and twigs cracking, a young deer rushes across the path in front of you and disappears in the bushes. In the distance, you hear a suppressed curse – a poacher! You want to stop the rascal and thus, secretly take up the pursuit – an adventurous hunt begins. In the process, you have to master exciting and tricky challenges.

LATEMAR.NATURA, trail nr. 23
Degree of difficulty: simple.  3.1 km circular trail. approx. 140 m of height differential, duration: about 1.5 hours; 
A learning trail with interactive stations introduces you to the local plants and fauna. Toni and Klara must track down poachers in this adventure with interactive audio games. 
Audio game hike "On the Poacher’s Trail": 2 hours, 1.3 km

The joy of discovery is sparked and brought to life in a lively way through humorous and fascinating stories.

The Secret of the Venetian

Audio game hike: 2 hours, 1.4 km (trail nr. 22, LATEMAR.PANORAMA)

Toni and Klara, the Jörglhof siblings, are once again on the road with you, entertaining you with a legend from their homeland, the Latemar puppets. Fascinated, you are looking at the mountain peaks of the Latemar, to recognize in them the puppets of the Venetian, when you hear a voice "I, too, am looking for my knife! Help me and I will reward you richly!". Startled, you whirl around, between the bushes there is an old man who seems to have sprung from the legend you just heard. In search of the lost knife, you land in the middle of the legendary world of the Latemar. There are tricky puzzles to be solve, the evil witch Langwerda to be escaped and many dangers to be overcome.

Degree of difficulty: medium.  7.5 km trail. approx. 510 m of height differential, duration: about 3 hours; 
This adventure trail will take you via panorama points with interactive audio games, where you will solve puzzles, escape the witch Langwerda, and discover the mysteries of the old Venetian.
Audio game hike "The Secret of the Venetian": 2 hours, 1.4 km

Through interactive audio guides, one is encouraged to move. Each audio play forms the interface between the digital and the real world.

from Obereggen

Latemar.Adventure can be reached by taking the "Obereggen-Ochsenweide" cable car or the "Obereggen-Oberholz" chair lift.

from Pampeago

Latemar.Adventure can be reached by taking the chair lift "Pampeago-Latemar" and continuing on foot for about 20 minutes along the Latemar.Alp trail.

from Predazzo

Latemar.Adventure can be reached by taking the canble car "Predazzo-Gardonè", the chair lift "Gardonè-Passo Feudo" and continuing on foot for about an hour along the Latemar.ium trails.

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