Coaster summer nature sisters | © Ph. Modica
Coaster summer girl boy | © Ph. Alice Russolo
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The Alpine Coaster in Gardonè

Because tobogganing is year-round fun!

Speeding down through the vivid green of the hilly landscape and across lush meadows – with a breathtaking mountain backdrop constantly in view! And, when it all gets a little too wild, all you have to do is brake! 


No such thing as sledging in summer? Oh yes there is – on the Gardonè bobsled rollercoaster! The Alpine Coaster is a promise of adventure at its best for the whole family. Getting up to an altitude of 1,650 metres to the summer toboggan run is a piece of cake with the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car. And then? Zoom down through the Latemar countryside over the crests and turns of the kilometre-long route. You can control your own speed in the two-seater bob: the ride lasts five minutes, and kids of 1.05 metres and over are welcome to enjoy it if accompanied by an adult. The route begins and ends at the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car mountain station. Hop in, get set… and awaaayyy!

Coaster summer woman man | © Ph.Modica
Coaster summer mother doughter | © Ph. Alice Russsolo


Access is allowed to children with a minimum height of 105 cm. 

Children between 105 cm and 135 cm height or up to 8 years can access only if accompanied by someone older than 18 years. 

Youth taller than 135 cm or between 9 and 14 years old can access only if accompanied by someone older than 14 years. 

Coaster summer dad doughter | © Ph. Alice Russolo
© Ph. Helmuth Rier
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