district heating plant green energy | © Ph. Fotony
district heating plant green energy | © Ph. Fotony
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Saving energy with local biomass in Obereggen

Wood-chip fired sustainable heating in the Dolomites

Sustainable? We can, and we do! The entire village of Obereggen has been heated with biomass from the region since 2007: the village’s own district heating system, powered by wood chips, not only supplies the village with all the heating it needs, but also saves energy through the use of locally available resources and protects the environment – all year round. This sustainable heating system saves a total of 500,000 litres of oil every year in Obereggen – and, with it, the need for the transportation that is so damaging to the environment. One particular priority when building the district heating system was to ensure that emissions were kept low and, to this end, it was fitted with state-of-the-art flue-gas cleaning systems. Obereggen is a hiking, skiing and holiday area that appreciates and protects its precious natural surroundings!

nature summer | © Ph. G. Pichler
© Ph. Helmuth Rier
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