Coaster winter man child | © Ph. Fiemme
Coaster winter girl child | © Ph. Fiemme
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The Alpine Coaster in the Obereggen ski resort

A bobsled rollercoaster in the Dolomites

Tobogganing is every bit as much a part of the winter scene as snow itself. And that’s why the Obereggen ski resort brings you this spectacular tobogganing attraction for all ages: the bobsled rollercoaster. 


Zoom through the wintry, snowy landscape of the Dolomites with ease on the Alpine Coaster in Gardonè, where the two-seater bobs whizz down through a full kilometre of mountain landscape. The Alpine Coaster adventure begins and ends at the mountain station of the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car at 1,650 metres above sea level. Children of 1.05 m and taller are welcome to enjoy the ride if accompanied by an adult. You can control your speed all the way down the run, which lasts approximately five minutes. In short? The Alpine Coaster bobsled is the ultimate in winter fun experiences – guaranteed! 

Coaster winter woman child | © Ph. Fiemme


Access is allowed to children with a minimum height of 105 cm. 

Children between 105 cm and 135 cm height or up to 8 years can access only if accompanied by someone older than 18 years. 

Youth taller than 135 cm or between 9 and 14 years old can access only if accompanied by someone older than 14 years.

In bad weather and when it snows, operations are suspended and will start again as soon as possible.

Opening hours are submitted to weather conditions.

© Ph. Helmuth Rier
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