Environmental responsibility

“Soft” holidays in Obereggen

A ski and hiking area thinking of tomorrow

In the words of Charles Darwin, “Everything that works against nature will not endure the times”. His dictum also holds true for the hiking and skiing area of Obereggen: this unique natural landscape in the midst of Dolomites, a World Heritage Site, deserves to be protected.

Nature at play

Larch, spruce, pine all soar into the sky, while crocuses, dandelions and clover thrust their heads above the tall pasture grass: winter sees the forest blanketed in thick snow. In Obereggen nature offers an impressive year-round spectacle!

Protecting the environment

Obereggen is acutely aware of the value and beauty of nature: considerable attention is therefore paid to environmental protection and sustainability. Buses for skiers and walkers run between the neighbouring villages, a district heating system using wood chips heats the entire village, while green energy powers the lift systems, the service centre has heat recovery systems and Obereggen Latemar AG is an ISO-certified 14001 company since 2004 (to read our environmental policies click here). Even the Oberholz Hut at 2,096 metres above sea level is sustainably heated with geothermal energy!

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites lies at the origins of skiing as a sport, while also embodying an important chapter in the history of mountaineering. Unique in its geographical, botanical and geological diversity – and unique for all those who come to visit.

Environment and the Dolomites

The sustainable ski area

The natural world around Obereggen is impressive - and that’s how it should be kept. For decades now, people here have been working to protect this unique landscape. The ski lift operator here also has an environmental management system certified to ISO standard 14001.

Traffic minimisation

Public transport routes are continuously being expanded to keep traffic to a minimum. There are buses for hikers in summer and free ski buses in winter, all connecting the localities of Obereggen, Ega, Monte San Pietro and Nova Ponente with the ski area and allowing nature enthusiasts to explore the great outdoors.

Energy saving

The entire community of Obereggen has been heated by its own district heating system since 2007 using regional biomass (wood chips) – there are weekly guided tours in summer for those interested. This saves a total of 500,000 litres in heating oil and associated transport each year. In addition, the entire valley station building has a heat recovery system that in turn also saves energy. All ski lifts are powered by “green electricity” from the local hydropower plants.

Protecting the mountain meadows

A compact snow blanket protects the mountain meadows from damage in winter, while the “channelling” effect of the ski slopes ensures that young forest growth is not damaged by swarms of skiers, allowing moisture to pass through the snow and reach the deeper soil layers. In recent years this has meant even richer and wider mountain meadows for the Obereggen hiking area!

The district heating plant, sourcing biomass, is saving over 500,000 litres of fuel a year.

ISO - Norm 14001

The Obereggen Latemar AG - SpA has also a certified environmental management system to "ISO standard 14001".