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Tobboganing Day & Night in Obereggen

Tobogganing in Obereggen

Whizzing through the snow - on rails!

The winter sport for everyone, tobogganing lets you have fun zooming through the bends at high speed – or more sedately, depending on your mood. On your own, as a couple or in a group, you push off with your feet then use your feet and upper body to steer. Child's play – but not just for the kids!

Clear for take-off!

There are two fast toboggan runs in the Obereggen skiing area, both of which are rolled and groomed daily. The longer one, at 2.5 km, is for toboggan fans who enjoy long, smooth descents; while the shorter one, at 750 metres, is for real speed freaks! Both can be reached on foot, via the “Ochsenweide” cabin lift or the “Laner” combined lift.

For those who can't get enough and want to test their racing skills against the shooting stars, the run is also floodlit at night. More Information you can find here!


Tobogganing - the details
  • The long “Obereggen” toboggan run starts at the Epircher-Laner Alm hut and runs 2.5 km down to Obereggen. The top is reached on the “Ochsenweide” cable car: the height difference is 280 metres.
  • The simple “Absam” toboggan run, 750 metres long, can be reached via the combined cabin lift and chairlift. Refreshments are available in the Absam Stube hut at the valley station or the Epircher-Laner Alm at the top.
  • What’s more, the German motoring organisation ADAC has awarded the Obereggen toboggan run a “GOOD” rating!
What does fun on rails cost?

Daily Ticket for two lifts: cable car "Ochsenweide" and combi lift (chair+gondolas) "Laner":

Prices 2022/2023:

  • Adult: 33,00 €
  • Junior (born after 26 November 2006): 23,00€

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Tobboganing in Obereggen

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