The Latemarium is an exciting alpine realm in the Dolomites

Knowledge from the Latemarium

Let curiosity be your guide

Open from June 11th to October 9th 2022

The towers, peaks and spires all slumber, bathed in the rays of the sun. Timeless and magically beautiful, the Dolomites form a ring around the Val d’Ega. The Latemarium is located right in the midst of the limestone rocks that form this UNESCO World Heritage Site: a realm waiting to be discovered by explorers and families with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for knowledge.

Latemarium themed trails – a fount of knowledge

A total of nine themed trails lead deep into the Latemar massif, connecting Obereggen, Pampeago and Predazzo. The central theme is life in the Dolomites, whether human, animal or vegetable: from the very origins to the types of farming, from the urge to migrate to the desire to relax.

A cinema in the mountains?

Visit the cinema of light, where the sun arranges the lighting with the clouds as extras. Fortunately there are benches at the six viewing platforms in Nova Ponente, Obereggen, Collepietra and Nova Levante-Carezza.

At latemar.360° you have uninterrupted views in every direction, as far as the Ötztal, Stubai and Zillertal Alps.  

Eye of the Dolomites

Bring together design, art and nature – then cast a large eye upon the Dolomites. The “Eye of the Dolomites” is a walk-in open-air installation and information centre at an altitude of 2,000 metres. Beauty from every angle!

The path to the Latemarium

It takes an hour or so to walk from Obereggen to the Latemarium. An easier option is to take the panoramic Obereggen-Oberholz chairlift.

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Latemarium opening times:


Open continuously from 8.30 am until 6.00 pm from June 11th to October 9th 2022.

This way to the Latemarium website with absolutely all the information you need! <LINK: Latemarium>

Latemarium: The realm of adventure