Nordic Walking  not only for the legs!

Nordic Walking around Obereggen

A sport for more than just the legs!

Lift up your eyes from the map and discover the countless trails for Nordic walkers on the Dolomite plateaus. Take the wide horizons in your stride with the sun as your companion. Nordic walking means being happy.

Walking with your whole body

Nordic walking - long-distance hiking with poles - originated in the far north of Finland. It is a training and endurance sport that activates and trains the legs and upper body in equal measure. It is suitable for beginners and leisure-time walkers, as well as for building up stamina and helping in rehabilitation, all at your preferred rhythm. Walk the world at your own pace, whether leisurely or at high speed!

Whether you are going from Obereggen up to the Epircher-Laner Alm, or through the forest on the Costalunga Pass, Nordic walking is a sport to discover for those who like going their own way.