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The Obereggen snow & nightpark

Boarding on the pistes

Jumpers, downhillers, racers and riders – this is for you! Obereggen has everything for the expert – right here in the snowpark! With snow guaranteed, you are on your way to join the ranks of the professionals. Fun and snow - the ideal combination!

The Obereggen snowpark – experts at work

After freestyle, snowboarders are looking to do turns, twists and flights – which means taking on the ramps, kickers and halfpipes. Lucky, then, that one of Italy’s biggest fun and snowparks is right there for them to try: cool jiblines, a halfpipe, a boardercross, a banked slalom, 9 kickers, 18 rails, a Kids Learn Park and a nightpark. The Obereggen chairlift whisks you up to the Obereggen snowpark in next to no time.

F-tech, one of the best constructors in the Alps, has created a snowpark to a super-professional standard. Located at 2,032 metres above sea level and over 650 metres in length, it offers perfect snow edges, a beautiful downhill area, guaranteed safety standards and funky sounds! Obereggen: the snowpark by and for professionals – with eight obstacles floodlit three nights a week!

The snow must go on!

In Obereggen it’s not just the snow that shines, but also the freestylers on the nine kickers and 18 boxes and rails of the magnificent snowpark! One of the best in Italy, it has repeatedly won awards and prizes. There are 650 metres of freestyle fun to be had on the Pampeago piste at 2,032 metres above sea level – with one of Italy’s few halfpipes as an added attraction. The three lines - Easy, Medium and Pro – in the snowpark have been planned, built and maintained by the specialists of F-Tech. Nor have future freestyle champs been forgotten: there also is a Kids Park for them to practise on, as well as a Family Fun Line and a banked slalom. All in all, a real dream for freestylers – with the dreams carved in snow!

Night-time dreams on the freestyle park

But that’s not all! Obereggen also lets loose real snowboard freaks on perfectly shaped snow at night – featuring DFD Post Box, Knuckle, Wave Box, Rainbow Box, and much more besides! The nightpark is open from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - and of course daily from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.! And after all that, the fun is by no means over: when it comes to après-ski, Obereggen can boast more than a few exciting, not-so-quiet places to visit - ranging from the Party Wigwam to the aperitivo terrace with its views of the mountains!

The Obereggen Snowpark 1

The Obereggen Snowpark 2

The Obereggen Nightpark