Ski hire businesses and ski depots

We also attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene in ski hire businesses and ski depots, with hand disinfectant dispensers located at the entrances. Partitions have been installed to protect customers and staff, while all staff and visitors must wear mouth and nose protection. Access is organised so as to guarantee compliance with the minimum distancing rules.


Additionally,  at the ski rental and in the ski depot "Siegfried" at the valley station in Obereggen, two powerful ozone devices are used daily for air purification.


All ski boots, skis, ski poles, helmets, snowboards and toboggans are cleaned and disinfected after each hiring.

The premises and lockers are all cleaned and disinfected daily and with every change of customer.

Staff in direct contact with visitors are taking part in a joint COVID-19 testing programme and are tested at regular intervals.