Hotels & accommodation providers

All the accommodation provided in the Val d’Ega is offered by family-run, small or medium-sized establishments that have always paid close attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Hand disinfectant dispensers are provided at the entrances and in various other parts of the accommodation: the premises are also cleaned and disinfected daily using suitable cleaning agents.


The communal areas of accommodation establishments are arranged so as to ensure that the required minimum distance is kept between people who do not live in shared households. This minimum distance does not have to be kept if the risk of infection can be minimised via spatial separation by means of suitable protective measures. Minimum distancing must be observed in the fitness and wellness areas. Please also note any further information provided by the respective accommodation provider.

It is not necessary to wear mouth and nose protection when at table. All restaurants comply with the legal requirements via the prescribed table spacing or appropriate separation measures.

Before reaching your table, and also when leaving the dining room, minimum distancing must be observed and/or mouth-nose protection must be worn by all persons not living in the same household or not belonging to the respective visitor group.

For self-service at the buffet, mouth and nose protection must be worn and hands must be disinfected beforehand. Food and drinks must not be consumed in the immediate vicinity of the serving area. Many accommodation providers possess thermal scanners in order to constantly check the body temperature of staff and guests. The provincial authorities in South Tyrol have launched a test programme for all staff working in the catering industry to provide COVID-19 testing throughout the region. Most accommodation providers in the Val d’Ega ensure their staff are regularly tested.

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