Latemarium: the themed trails in the Dolomites of the Val d’Ega

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Latemarium: the themed trails in the Dolomites of the Val d’Ega

A stone giant offering 360° of adventure:

Adventure hiking in the Latemarium

You can hike a lot in the Dolomites - that much is probably known to everyone. But there is more: the Dolomites – and especially the Latemar – also offer true adventure walks, which are still a kind of insider tip. Read, learn, marvel: the themed trails of the Latemarium are relaxing, inspiring, adventurous, informative and exciting all at once. But one thing at a time:


Let’s visit the Dolomites! With the whole family, that is. Because the Latemar.Natura adventure trail is suitable for kids and also for pushchairs. Comfortable variations in altitude are combined with stations providing fascinating facts about Alpine nature. There is the world’s largest hearing device and the timber wind chimes – ramble across meadows and through forests!


One of the reasons why people keep coming back to the rugged mountain realm is… precisely for the views! Latemar.Panorama takes you straight to the most beautiful viewing platforms, with the Latemar.360 perhaps the most breathtaking. Hikers can pick up nuggets of knowledge about the area of the Dolomites. Even a break is turned into an exciting experience with rest-stops of Dolomite rock, and seats and sunbeds of larch wood!


Just wander about, without any time pressure. Walking and simply enjoying yourself is the main focus of the Latemar.Relax themed trail. While the grown-ups indulge in nature’s peace and quiet on the Latemarium sunbeds, little rascals can romp about on the trail for forest and meadow explorers.



Yet another good reason for wander-ful expeditions into the Dolomite realm: delicious mountain fare! The Latemar.Alp trail offers views with a WOW! factor, leading from one pasture to the next on paths suitable for pushchairs. Every once in a while the trail features fascinating information about Alpine farming and the World Heritage Site of the Dolomites. What more could a family possibly wish for!?

Latemarium | © Obereggen AG/SpA
Latemarium | © Obereggen AG/SpA


Mountain art at its best awaits those willing to walk the Latemar.Art adventure trail. This hike leads past the works of international artists and is thus one of the highest exhibition spaces in the world! Gordon Dick from Canada, Thorsten Schütt from Germany and Hidetoshi Nagasawa from Japan have skilfully decorated the Latemar massif with their sculptures and installations!


A trail specifically for runners! Latemar.Run offers two options: you can either cover some 550 metres of ascent and descent in about 1.5 hours by running up to the top station of the Oberholz lift (perfect for mountain runners!) or just 150 metres of climbing, also in 1.5 hours, through the Carezza forest and to the Lago di Carezza. Ready, set, RUN!


All around the Latemar! It’s possible on the Latemar.Bike trail: the Latemar round tour leads all the way round this Dolomites giant, featuring some 380 metres of ascent and descent and a distance of 33.5 kilometres to be biked in approx. 5 hours. Part of the trail can be covered using lifts and cable cars, with one segment leading straight through the Latemarium.



Marmottix – the marmot – can tell you all sorts of interesting facts about the weather on the Latemar.Meteo themed trail: What do thunderstorms, avalanches or lightning strikes sound like? What’s the right thing to do (or not to do!) when you’re caught in a storm in the mountains? What’s the influence of the sun on the weather? And much, much more besides.

Eight themed trails. And that’s not all: the Latemar also features a forest high-ropes course and the “Montagna Animata” park for kids. And maaaany other hiking trails, of course!