A day out tobogganing

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A day out tobogganing

The sandman’s coming - on a toboggan

While I tell our four-year old daughter for the umpteenth time that we will soon be there, I at least try to enjoy glimpses of the landscape. Snow-capped treetops twinkle in the sunlight and the ever-denser forest brings back childhood memories for me. How wonderful it was in those days to put on my new ski-suit and test it out against the wind and weather! Well, that’s exactly what we are doing today. We’re going tobogganing in Obereggen – yippee!

“Mummy...” My husband smiles to himself at our daughter’s persistence and I reply: “Yes, we’re here now, look, Bruno is there waiting for us!” Bruno? Yes, Bruno the Bear. He even has his own territory, Brunoland >!

With a 30-metre and 50-metre-long conveyor belt, a children’s roundabout, a snow cat, a snow tunnel, a tubing run, a bouncy castle and snow waves, Brunoland is a mini-paradise located at the valley station. Every day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., kids can let off steam here – and there are exciting games in store on Mondays and Wednesdays, with treasure hunts, snow parties, tours of discovery with the ski instructors, face-painting sessions and taster courses in balloon modelling – while Bruno the Bear himself also pays a visit between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Ready …

So let’s get going so we won’t miss anything. Wrapped up warm in hats and scarves, we run full tilt to the ski slope – well, my daughter gets pulled along, of course, but so what, at least that’s the test run out of the way. But stopppp! We have forgotten the tickets! Quick, back to the ticket office where, as luck would have it, a very nice lady is waiting to issue us with our tickets and show us the way to the right ski lift. We board the gondola and all three of us cuddle up close together. WOW! The view as we get out is simply amazing – outstanding views of the Latemar massif soaring above us and - clouds? What clouds? Our four-year beams like the sun, as if we had booked this romance in blue and white. Not just because of the weather, obviously, but because she now has a major decision to make. Will she be zooming down the toboggan run with Mummy or with Daddy? With Daddy, of course! So I grab the remaining snow slider (great!) and try to catch up with them.

… go!

Heyyyyy... This is really fun! I lean into the curves as if there’s no tomorrow, trying to shift my weight, feet up – and land in the next pile of snow! Well done... I can’t resist laughing at myself, but I am glad no one has seen me. I reach the finish line near the “Absam-Stube” and pretend that I have graciously let my two “opponents” win. Whew, I got away with it! :D

And now the same again follows until we are blue - or rather white - in the face. Our little “ice princess” whizzes down the slope, first with Daddy then with Mummy and yes, she naturally has to try a part of it alone - “I can do it!” Luckily the slope is also fine for experiments by particularly brave tots, as it is super-safe, not too steep and above all not too long. The ideal rhythm is to alternate between speeding downhill then relaxing in the cable car on the way up. Nor should the gorgeous views of the Latemar be ignored!

After two-and-a-half hours of intense tobogganing fun, I notice that the eyes of my little one are drooping more and more with each ascent. So we finally start back down to the valley. Of course we pay a short visit to Brunoland, where we have a quick spin on the carousel and look at the other lively attractions before we warm up with a cup of tea in the nearby hostelry.

I encourage my daughter to give Bruno another wave as we set off. But when I look in the back - uh-oh, the Sandman has already been to work. Because a day out tobogganing is sure to make you tired - and happy.

Obereggen - Latemar | © Obereggen AG/SpA

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